Virtual Learning Program

Be Ready When Soccer Returns

Virtual Learning Program

FC Wisconsin Families,

First, we hope everyone is healthy and safe. We understand the disappointment of games, tournaments, and leagues being cancelled for a period of time based on the advice of health officials and authorities. As coaches we are disappointed as well, however, we will always put player health and safety first in this club. 


Until further notice, we will NOT hold training sessions until we have more information from the professionals. In the meantime, we will also be going to a Virtual Learning Program to keep our players and families engaged, learning, refining skills, maintaining fitness, and prepared to jump back into training as soon as we feel it is safe for our players and coaches.


At this time, all trainings will be canceled until March 29. We will provide a further update the night of the March 29 with how we will move forward.


We will only reinstate training based upon recommendations from the appropriate health authorities. We will remain in contact with USYS, US Club, US Soccer, and the ECNL in regard to their thoughts and decisions moving forward, and how to make up any games missed.


The Virtual Learning Program will begin this Monday, March 16. We will post daily skills, fitness activities, our National Championship game video and analysis, and articles on all our social media for players to follow, execute, and stay sharp - essentially mirroring the virtual learning from school districts. This will help to continue our players learning and development during this time. The training plan will also be emailed to all families on a daily basis, so there will be multiple ways of receiving this communication. All these learning tools will be able to be executed at home without needing a partner. There will also be some additional activities that you and a family member could do together. We will also post some skills and activities for those that may have access to a larger space/field.


FC Wisconsin will have a $25 reward in the form of a Stefans gift card each week for the best Jr. Academy through U14 video and tag, and the same for the U15-U19 age group. We will have the same reward for the same two age groups for the North program as well.


In order to qualify for the gift card, players must complete the following:

  • One video completing all three skills activities and the answer for the week
  • Tag FC Wisconsin
  • FCW North will tag FC Wisconsin and FC Wisconsin North
  • Use the hashtag #FCFamilyDoesMore
  • Complete the verbal question of the week with an appropriate answer all compiled into one video of 60 seconds
    • The question for week one is, “What makes FC Wisconsin special to you?”
  • Coaches will vote on the best video for each of the two age groups and that player will receive the $25 gift card

On Saturdays, the club will release game video for analysis for the U15-U19 players. The game used for analysis is the FC Wisconsin Boys National Championship game. The game will be broken down into 22 minute segments. The video will be sent out with a series of questions for players to answer. Example: “At what minute mark do you see an example of breaking multiple lines while still keeping possession?” After watching the assigned minutes of the video, players will find the moment where that skill is displayed, write down the minute marker, and email it to their designated coach.


Leagues, games, and tournaments have all been cancelled through a minimum of April 15. We will continue to keep all families informed as we receive more information. When we receive relevant information, we will get it out to families as soon as possible. 


Lastly, and most importantly, if anything within the FC Family needs additional help or support during this time, please reach out to the club. The health and safety of our players and families remains our top priority and we are here to help as much as we can.


FC Wisconsin Staff