Meet Coach Mike Weiss

Meet Coach Mike Weiss

Where are you from?

What city do you live in currently?


How long have you lived in the Milwaukee area?
My whole life … 23 years

What school did you graduate from?

Cardinal Stritch University


What was your field of study?


Best playing memory?

Beating Olivet 5-0 senior year in the conference tournament final


Big or small family?

Do you have any pets?

I have two pets an English Bulldog named Diesel and a cat named Babou

Favorite soccer team?



Favorite soccer player?

Who’s better, Messi or Ronaldo?



Favorite professional coach?

José Mourinho


How long have you coached for?

3 years


How long have you coached at FC?

3 years


Are you full time or part time with FC?

Part time


What is your full time job?

Cost Analyst at Palermo’s Pizza


Favorite sport to watch besides soccer?



Favorite thing to do in free time?
I like to golf


Who’s your favorite athlete?

Giannis Antetokounmpo


What was your first job? When did you have it?
I was a Dietary Aid at Linden Grove when I was a sophomore in high school

Do you prefer to cook or eat out?



What’s your favorite meal?

Chicken alfredo

What is your favorite type of foreign food?



What is your favorite holiday and why?
July 4th … I like the warmth of summertime and also love cookouts and fireworks

Favorite TV Series?
Game of Thrones


Favorite music artist?
Kanye West


Favorite time of the year and why?

Summer because of the weather and I like to be outside


Best city you've visted?

Liverpool, England