FC Wisconsin Eclipse

Mission Statement

To help soccer players that aspire to be nationally elite maximize their potential as athletes, while simultaneously teaching them how to set, pursue, and achieve ambitious goals as a value-adding member of a high-performing group.

Fundamentally, the FC Wisconsin Eclipse mission is to develop confident, achievement-oriented individuals prepared to be successful on the field and off.

Founding and Purpose ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

FC Wisconsin Eclipse was founded on May 31, 2012 with one goal in mind: to be the best developmental environment in the country for aspiring youth soccer players.  

At the heart of every decision in the organization lies one basic question: "What is in the best interests of the aspiring player?"The following questions are constantly asked to provide depth and insight into this fundamental purpose, and help to insure the organization is laser-focused on aspiring players:
  1. What resources do players aspiring to be nationally elite require in order to be successful?

  2. How to provide these resources as frequently, effectively, and efficiently as possible?

  3. What is the culture that creates nationally elite players and teams, and how is it created?

  4. How to create a consistent developmental path for players aspiring to be nationally elite to follow in every age of their youth career?

  5. How to consistently improve coaching knowledge and level, and therefore increase the speed of player development?

  6. How to help educate players and families regarding the developmental path to achieve at a national level?


Fundamental Terminology


The following terms are the foundation of the FC Wisconsin Eclipse goals and mission.  Understanding these terms is necessary to understand the type of player that succeeds in the FC Wisconsin Eclipse environment, the purpose of the organization, and the final outcome for those players that start the journey.

  • Aspire:

    • To work toward a goal that you strongly want to reach;

    • To desire with eagerness; to seek to attain something high or great

    • To rise; to ascend; to soar

  • Development:

    • Change, growth, or improvement over a period of time

    • The process of growth

    • The act of disclosing that which is unknown

  • Elite:

    • The best or most skilled members of a group

    • The best of the best


Partner Program: FC Wisconsin Nationals


FC Wisconsin Nationals and FC Wisconsin Eclipse are brother / sister programs for male and female soccer players.  Each program has the same goal of improving the player development environment in Wisconsin.

The different brands represent the areas of focus of each program, and the aspirations of the players. The FC Wisconsin Eclipse brand is applied to the top girls players and teams in Wisconsin; players that are or will in the future compete in the Elite Clubs National League – the nation’s highest level of girls youth soccer. The FC Wisconsin Nationals brand is applied to the top boys players and teams in Wisconsin; players that are or will in the future compete in either: (i) the US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) – the nation’s highest level of boys youth soccer, or (ii) the National Premier Leagues (NPL).  (The FC Wisconsin Nationals program also includes girls playing at state levels below the ECNL.)

  • The brand “FC Wisconsin” represents the scope of the program’s player pool and vision – to represent and include the top players from throughout the state of Wisconsin.

  • The moniker “Nationals” reflects the program’s ambition - to help players develop to be successful at a national level, and is also a nod to its past history.

The staff in both programs work closely with each other to share ideas, implement curriculum, and lead Wisconsin soccer. The programs are each structured differently to meet the unique needs of aspiring female and male soccer players, and to allow laser-like focus on the needs of each program. To learn more about the structure, goals, and program of FC Wisconsin Eclipse, go to www.fcwisconsineclipse.com.