College Commitments

FC Wisconsin prides itself on being a long term athlete development driven club. This is shown as we continue to lead the State in providing a pathway for players to play at the Collegiate level.
As a club our collaborative coaching philosophy is aimed to maximize player development for each individual player under our curriculum. Our coaches have helped our players develop, be identified and recruited, and commit to many of the top college programs across the country. 
The true measure of success for any development driven club is the success that players achieve once they move on forward in their careers. Players that have come through the FC Wisconsin developmental program have excelled once they stepped onto the college athletic field - both athletically and academically.

FC Wisconsin Nationals Class of 2018

Payton Aranda - Wright State University

Zach Borden - Carthage College

Jaylon Brown - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Harrison Curran - Northern Michigan University

Drew Engel - St. John's University (MN)

Zander Hartberg - Edgewood College

Jared Holan - Macalester College

Lucas Jensen - University of Wisconsin - Plattevile

Jack Kohler - Colgate University

Dominic Lambo - Fordham University

Griffin Pecore - Limestone College

Simar Perez - Wright State University

Grahmby Pratt - Concordia University

Jonas Luskey-Sanders - Madison College

Mitchell Scholz - St. Norbert College

Talon Schuster - Marian College

Stephen Scripp - Spring Hill College (AL)

Brody Sipiorski - Bryant & Stratton College - Wisconsin

Cole Stephens - Eastern Illinois University

Jaden Stevenson - Northern Illinois University

Patrick Streich - University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Will Sullivan - University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Evan Thom - Madison College

Leo Villa - Marquette University (Transfer from UW-Parkside)

Andre Wangard - University of Louisville

Luis Carlos Wilson - Cardinal Stritch University

Nolan Wolf - Washington University in St. Louis


FC Wisconsin Nationals Class of 2017

Renzo Albertoni: Connecticut College
Bradan Allen: University of Wisconsin
Tode Atlija (now playing in Serbia): Marquette University
Josh Bobke - Concordia University
Cam Bosacki: Upper Iowa University
Nate Brody: Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Deryck Burczyk: Virginia Wesleyan College
Mario Caldwell - Wisconsin Lutheran College
Ryan Callen: University of Indianapolis 

Nathan Campos - Upper Iowa University
Roland Conway: Marquette University
Antonio De Castro: Unviersity of Wisconsin Green Bay
Domenic DeMaria: St Norbert College
Andy Golden: University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Will Hamilton - Wartburg College
Michael Henry - Augsburg College
Alex Hummel: Wright State University
Lance Janowski: Northern Michigan University
Abdul Kooistra: Northern Kentucky University

Brady Kronenburg: Northern Michigan University

Ben Leas: University of Wiscosnin

Brady Lenius: University of Wisconsin Green Bay (Transfer from St Louis)
Tate Lofdahl: Upper Iowa University 
Sawyer Marquadt: Loras College
Niklas Martensson: University of St Thomas 
Salvador Nunez: Cardinal Stritch University 
Axel Soriano: Cardinal Stritch University
Max Starks: Macalester College
Sam Thomann: Wartburg College
Cristian Tyrpak: Concordia University
Manny Valenzuela: University of Dubuque
Zak Wegner: Marquette University
Ben Weltzien - UW Whitewater

FC Wisconsin Nationals Class of 2016

Ryan Berger: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Brett Bocciardi: Carthage College

Blake Carr: University of Wisconsin

Michael Carreon: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Stephan Clemens: University of Wisconsin

Dylan Commodore: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Cade Dombrowski: Marquette University

Adair Guevara: Carthage College

Levi Haight: Cedarville University 

Eric Hansen: Carleton College

Ryan Hansen: St Norbet College
Burim (Nini) Huseini: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

JT Koch: Gannon University

Stevi Krecak: University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Luke McVeigh: Cardinal Stritch University

Robleh Omar: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Jordan Palmer: Marquette University

Noah Prokash: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Steffan Rokvic - Wright State University

MJ Ruhland: Eastern Illinois University

Will Seehawer: University of Wisconsin: Platteville

Will Springer: Cardinal Stritch University

Alex Sykes: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jorge Triana: Carthage College

Leo Villa - University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Nathan Weiss - Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)

FC Wisconsin Nationals Class of 2015

Antonio Amaya: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

DJ Alexander: St. Norbert College

Jack Blaski: Finlandia University (MI)

Justin Cook: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Sergio Duran: Parkland Community College (IL)

Bobby Gaertig: Rose Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)

Sal Gloria: Lake Forrest College (IL)

Will Hanna: Lake Forrest College (IL)

Alex Hofstetter: Loras College (IA)

Aiden Hogan: University of St. Thomas (MN)

Buran Huseini: University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Ivan Khamenka: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Petar Krecak: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Jack Krenzien: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Paul Koebke Barsic: Wartburg College (DIII) (Iowa)

Abdul Kooistia: University of Wisconsin

Brady Lenius: St. Louis University

Ryan Machonga: Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Trevor Nargis: Concordia University

Osvaldo Ramirez: University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Adrian Roman: Lake Forrest College (IL)

Ken Sutton: Wisconsin Lutheran College

Michael Weiss: Cardinal Stritch University


FC Wisconsin Nationals Class of 2014

Braden Andryk (USSDA): Milwaukee School of Engineering

Nikola Atlija (USSDA): University of Wisconsin

Bernardo Macais (USSDA): Cardinal Stritch University (WI)

Alexander Masbruch (USSDA): University of Wisconsin

Marcus McCrary (USSDA): Ohio State University

Nick Moon (USSDA): University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

William O’Neil (USSDA): Kenyon College (OH)

Brian Rojas (USSDA): University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bayley Scholz (USSDA): University of Wisconsin-Madison

Javier Simon (USSDA): University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Reid Stevenson (USSDA): University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Kai Batwinski (NPL): Viterbo University

Izzy Betancourt (NPL): Guilford College

Josh Burke (NPL: University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Adrian Castillo (NPL): University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Braeden Federle (NPL): South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Michael Lesar (NPL): Dominican University (IL)

Ian Lofdahl (NPL): Southern Indiana University (IN)

Bobby Saskowski (NPL): University of Wisconsin-Concordia

Austin Swigart (NPL): Quincy University (IL)


FC Wisconsin Nationals Class of 2013

Alexander Cagle (USSDA): Temple University

Austin Jepson (USSDA): University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Max Karcher (USSDA): Saint. Louis University

Emilio Lopez (USSDA): University of Wisconsin Platteville

Jeremy Nji (USSDA): University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Zaccary Roelke (USSDA): University of Wisconsin

Tyler Saad (USSDA): University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Bryan Seefeld (USSDA): St Louis University

Ryan Shogren (USSDA): University of Wisconsin Parkside

Driton Zyteja (USSDA): Marquette University

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